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Recycling Audits

Capital Paper Recycling Audits

Do you have any idea how much recyclable material your organization is currently producing that is being hauled to the landfill? Is your company being environmentally responsible? Is your office recycling anything at all?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, you may want to consider calling or contacting Capital Paper Recycling Ltd!

One of our recycling professionals will be happy to visit your workplace and provide a FREE waste/recycling audit to gauge how effective your pursuit to going green actually is. Many businesses already have recycling programs in place, but are not utilizing them to the fullest potential due to lack of recycling education. If employees are not properly educated on programs in place,  recyclable material will still end up the waste stream resulting in an insufficient recycling program, both cost wise and from an environmental standpoint. 

Capital Paper Recycling can educate supervisors and/or all workplace employees on recycling procedures and methods, and can provide clear and legible signage for bins directing which materials go into each specific bin or console.

We have one-stop solutions for your recycling needs,
with no contracts to sign.

Call or contact us for a quote today!

Capital Quick Facts

Did you know that the average office worker uses approximately 2.5 pounds of paper each week?

FACT - That is between 120-150 pounds of recoverable white office paper in just one year!

Did you know about laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information?

FACT -These laws place the onus on organizations and companies to protect and securely dispose of this information. Is your company abiding by these laws?

Do you know what goes into making paper?

FACT - Newly cut trees account for 55 percent of the global paper supply, while 38 percent is from recycled wood-based paper, and the remaining 7 percent comes from non-tree sources.