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Capital Paper currently has a number of used balers and compactor units/bins in stock that we are hoping to find homes for as soon as possible! We currently have Marathon V6030 Downstroke Balers that are ideal for baling cardboard, clear film, tin cans, and assorted plastics.

These machines are all in fantastic operational condition, and are priced to sell. Call 403-543-3322 for more information and pictures, OR feel free to contact us directly through this website, as they won't last long!




From time to time, we have quite an abundance of used wooden & plastic pallets that we try to have repurposed for re-use. If interested, please contact us to see if we have any in stock prior to arriving. 403-543-3322


Capital Quick Facts

Did you know that the average office worker uses approximately 2.5 pounds of paper each week?

FACT - That is between 120-150 pounds of recoverable white office paper in just one year!

Did you know about laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information?

FACT -These laws place the onus on organizations and companies to protect and securely dispose of this information. Is your company abiding by these laws?

Do you know what goes into making paper?

FACT - Newly cut trees account for 55 percent of the global paper supply, while 38 percent is from recycled wood-based paper, and the remaining 7 percent comes from non-tree sources.